First National Bank (FNB)

FNB stands for First National Bank which has established itself as the oldest bank in South Africa. It has a long history of survival in South Africa and overcome many great changelings. Basically, it has established itself as a renowned bank for two particular views. The first is survival for a long time and another is providing great services among the people. Since 1998, the bank has been trading their business as the division of First Rand Bank.

FNB online Banking:

Online banking means accessing bank account through the connection of internet. One can run their account and manage it by using the internet. Nowadays, people want to get all facilities at their home. In order to fulfill the demand of the consumers FNB has started a brand new service which is called FNB online banking. The bank has created a user-friendly web site from where a client can login to their account and change any feature that they want. Online banking is a single platform where an individual or businessman can run their account easily. The website of FNB can give a user the great experience of banking as they want. Any client can solve any financial issues with online banking site.

FNB Online Banking

The 24 hours of banked time without any interval help a client to transfer any amount when they need. Even, when they are at outside and need to cash out some money for an emergency case, they can pick their necessary amount and solve their problem through FNB internet banking. The FNB online bank offers a great service including: managing account, transferring amounts, pay bills, and applying for a loan. The bank will pay out any amount on online that you want to cash out. Moreover, you can take a loan from the bank and cash out loan amount within a few seconds if the bank approved your application.

FNB online banking Services:

You can get almost all services through online. There you will find many features and access them instantly with a single click. No matter, if you are a new client of online banking, you can access any facilities easily. You have not to learn about how to use the bank website. You can learn it by yourself as the process of online banking is easy to fix all issues. The services that FNB offers for their clients are:

  • 24 hours online banking facilities.
  • Receive any amount from other accounts or pay to others instantly.
  • Pay any bills (including Residential and commercial bills) without wasting anymore time.
  • If you need any loan then you can apply instantly on online.
  • If you want to pay your loan interest then you can pay it via online.
  • Choose any Credit card that you want to use.
  • You can view your account information and download a fresh via online.


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Contact information about FNB bank:

First National Bank

6th floor,

First place, Bank City,

Corner Simmonds and Pritchard Streets



South Africa


For General Inquiries:

Call at: 087 575 9404

Mail at:

For Personal and Business Online Banking:

Call at: 087 575 0000

For Telephone Banking:

Call at: 087 577 7000