Lloyds Bank:

Lloyds was a retail bank in England that has started their business in 1965. Lloyd has a number of retail banking companies that gained popularity in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Since the beginning, they offer affordable and comfortable banking services to the consumers as a result the account holder are highly benefited with their services.

Lloyds Internet Banking:

Lloyds bank offers a most effective banking service, Lloyds online banking services that provide many user-friendly services to the clients. The internet-banking services are named under Lloyds TSB internet banking service where they have included many features. An account holder of Lloyds online banking receives as many facilities as they want. A customer can manage their account 24 hours in a day. You can receive any banking facilities instantly without visiting a physical bank. Below you can read out the facilities that the Lloyds online bank offers to you. You can login to your Lloyds online account from our link below. Moreover you can contact with them as we have included their contact information in the below.


Lloyds Internet Banking Facilities:

Banking with Lloyds can give you a better experience that you want to do with your bank. You can do many things in this online platform. Here are some c that the Lloyds offers for you to have a great experience:

  • Fast and convenient banking service: This is a faster and comfortable banking service that you can do with simple finger-tip. You can apply for new overdraft, credit card, short term loan. You can also upgrade your account and open saving accounts from here.
  • Check your account statements and transfer money: You can get your real time information about your account and transfer money between your Lloyds TSB accounts. If you choose to have it as a paper statement then you can print it. You can search statements by a specific time and date, print out it for use as reference, and keep an eye to see what going to your account.
  • Pay your monthly bills: You can view your due bills, pay for it on online. You will be alerted via text if you any new bills arrive. Moreover, you can keep a record of your monthly paid bills on online.
  • Instant International payments: You can easily transfer any cash internationally if you want by Lloyds online banking account. You can send and get details about your sending amount from your online account.
  • Manage your money: You can use the free money manager service offered by Lloyds internet banking services. With that service you can get a picture of your earnings and expenses, have a graph sheet of your financial. As a result you can manage your money effectively.


Lloyds Internet Banking Logon Page:

You can access your Lloyds internet banking account by log on to your online account page. In order to logon your Lloyds online banking account you should visit the bank’s home page or you can visit this link now: Click here for Lloyds Internet Banking Logon page.


Lloyds Bank Contact Information:

For internet Banking: 0845 3000 116 or 01733 232030 or +44 (0)1733 232030 (International)

For Lost or Stolen card: 0800 096 9779